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How to Start Talking to Your Teen About Alcohol

How to Start Talking to Your Teen About Alcohol

You know that it is important to talk to your teen about alcohol. You recognize that they need to hear this conversation from you.

But how do you start the conversation? Use the tips below as you begin this conversation.

Plan ahead of time

  • Create a short bullet-point list of information that you want to discuss.
  • You can even use some of the video resources located on our website.
  • You do not need a script, but a short list will ensure that you can stay on track with conversation.

Find a good time to talk

  • Pick a place that you and your teen are comfortable.
  • Take your teen out to a quiet coffee shop or sit outside on the patio at home.
  • Avoid busy days and choose a time where you both have flexibility.

Don’t cover everything at once

  • This should not be the only conversation you have about alcohol with your teen.
  • Make this the first of many.
  • Remember that this is the first time that you have introduced the topic.
    • There will be time in the future to cover everything else.
  • Don’t list off facts and information to your teen without waiting for any feedback from them.
    • Give your teen time to be able to share their opinions as well.
    • Don’t leave this as a one-way conversation or it will not be as beneficial as it could be.
  • Do not share information designed only to scare your teen – without statistics to back them up.
    • Your teen is smart. They will recognize if you are making information up to make a stronger point.
    • Come prepared into the conversation. Bring real evidence or stories to share.
  • Take your time with this conversation.
    • This is not a conversation that you want to rush.
    • Do not try to cram everything into a small window of time.

Remember that you are one of the most influential voices that your teen can hear. Your actions, words and conversations with them will make a huge impact on the choices they make.