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What worries teens today?

What worries teens today?

What worries teens today? We asked and the answer might surprise you.

Teens today are under enormous pressure to succeed. They hold themselves to high standards and even though you might not think it, they want to please you, their parent. They don’t want to let you down or disappoint you, which is why it is so important to remember you are the most influential person in their life.

A simple conversation about alcohol, your expectations about their behavior and rules you have set for their behavior are vital in determining whether or not your teen will experiment with alcohol or drugs. Of students surveyed the number one reason most teens say they don’t drink, is they don’t want to let their parents down. You are a powerful voice to your teen and they need to hear from when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Don’t just assume because you have a good student or a star athlete or you yourself don’t drink doesn’t mean your teen isn’t facing the pressure to do so. The pressure to drink and experiment with drugs can affect all teens, even yours.