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Ten Party Alternatives for your Teen

Ten Party Alternatives for your Teen

Teenage years are a wonderful time in life. In this stage young adults are no longer children, but they aren’t quite adults yet either. This window of opportunity gives older mentors the chance to help teenagers shape their lives before they go off into the world on their own.

While it’s important to invest in teenagers during this time emotionally and psychologically, it is also important to invest and help them socially. Maneuvering social situations can be a tricky thing for teens as they figure out who they are and what they believe. It can be an extremely important part of who a teen is and who they become, so it’s important for you as a parent to be involved in this process.

One of the first things that may come to a parent’s mind when wanting to help their teens fit in with their friends might be to host a party. However, some parties may get out of hand if left unsupervised.

When teens are left alone with friends they may be tempted to break the rules by getting into dangerous situations such as drinking alcohol. If any party that you host or that is hosted in your home does have alcohol, there are very serious consequences that can fall on you and your teen. You can read about those consequences here.

To avoid these consequences, enjoy some of the things that you can do with your teen or that you can encourage them to do with their friends. From playing sports to visiting history museums, these things are just as fun as hosting a party.

1. Wake up for an early breakfast at a local diner. Then go to the movies for the first shows of the day.
2. Hit up a local coffee shop for refreshments and conversation.
3. Go to a high school, collegiate or professional sporting game in your community. No matter what the season is, you’re sure to find a baseball, basketball, football, soccer or hockey game.
4. Take in the local scenery by walking, grabbing a bike or boating on waterways.
5. Pick out a really good book and go hammocking in the park.
6. Visit an art, wildlife or history museum.
7. Head out to the gym and see who can make the best times on the track or treadmill.
8. Volunteer at a local nursing home visiting with people, playing with dogs at the animal shelter or helping stock shelves at the food pantry.
9. Go out shopping. Be sure to check out the little boutiques that you’ve never been in before.
10. Take in a local theater, symphony or ballet production.

These activities are a great time whether you do them with your teen, invite your teen along with their friends, or encourage them as activities for them to do together. Throughout the process, you will be able to interact with the young people that influence your teenager daily, as well as your teen themselves. In the end, everybody gets to have a great time that avoids a potentially disastrous party situation.

Kaitlyn Inman