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DWI Consequences

DWI Consequences

What could happen to my teen if they get a DWI?
You might be able to think of a lot of bad things that could result from your teen getting a DWI (driving while intoxicated) conviction. The police will be involved. They’ll lose privileges, lose their independence, and lose the trust of many of the people around them.

That’s not the worst of it though. In fact, it’s just the beginning of the consequences that come from a DWI.

First off DWI’s are expensive. Not only are there fines that they’ll be held responsible for, but there are also court costs. With those, they’ll have to pay for your attorney and any other legal counsel that they receive. At the very minimum it will be a $2,000 bill for them and your family.

The costs won’t end there. Once your teen’s insurance provider finds out, the price of their car insurance will sky rocket. And their insurance bill will stay incredibly high for years to come. On top of that they’ll be expected to attend mandatory education classes on safe driving. So, there won’t be much time for them to work extra hours to help with the costs that start piling up.

With their license, they’re looking at a minimum of a three months suspension. That means three or more months of catching rides or the bus. When that’s over they still won’t be able to get a graduated driver’s license. So, when they turn 18, they won’t get to drive whenever they want to and they won’t be able to drive with as many passengers as they want to either.

Criminal Record
Finally, after all of that your teen will also end up with a criminal record. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but let’s think a little bit about the future.

When they fill out a college application there will be questions about criminal history. With a DWI they’ll have to mark the “yes” box when the application asks if they have been convicted of a crime. Doing that means their application will most likely end up in the denied bin.

Later in life if they need a loan to buy a home or a car they’ll run into the same problem. It’ll happen again with many of the job applications they fill out too. In fact, with a DWI doors will completely close on many different careers and they won’t be able to become an accountant, architect, counselor, lawyer, physician or even veterinarian.

These consequences pile up highly and can deeply impact what your teenager’s future is like. So, in every situation always remember that drinking underage, and driving while intoxicated are illegal. And you always have the ability to talk to your teen about saying no to underage drinking and drunk driving.

Kaitlyn Inman