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An All-Ages Menu for the Fourth of July

An All-Ages Menu for the Fourth of July

Tasty treats for a safe Independence Day for the whole family

Some of the most vivid memories I have of growing up belong to the Fourth of July. The parades, fireworks and family parties are especially fond memories. But one of the things I remember most is the food.

The Fourth of July is a crazy cooking event. It’s the only time of the year when it’s normal to leave the grocery store with carts piled with U.S.A. themed foods.

The 4th of July is a fun excuse to justify America’s fascination with flag food and grilled treats. Keep in mind that this holiday can’t justify underage drinking.

This week party hosts will serve drinks in backyard parties across the nation. Some teens could get drinks from older siblings or friends. Others will get it from parties where parents think that a few drinks can’t be that harmful to young people.

These teens will be breaking the law by drinking underage. But the problem doesn’t end there. Some of those teens will then make the irresponsible choice to drive home drunk.

This choice not only endangers themselves but others too. The stakes are even higher for car crashes with the dark roads and a large number of people traveling. In fact, drunk driving was the cause for 40% of the highway deaths over the holiday from 2007-2011.

Celebrations are fun, but they also have the potential to turn dangerous. Because of this, parents hosting parties must be careful about what they serve to their guests. And all parents should be aware of what example they are leading for their teen.

To many, it may seem like throwing a party with coolers full of beer is the only way to a happy Fourth.

This isn’t true.

There are tons of ways to take have a safe and alcohol-free gathering for teens and adults alike.

To help you plan your holiday menu, we’ve compiled a list of alcohol-free food and drink items that are sure to please. These tasty refreshments can be the first step toward a safe Independence Day.

· Patriotic Punch from Wunder Mom

· Red, White and Blue Lemonade from Hezzi D’s Books and Cooks

· Red, White and Blue Drink from Somewhat Simple

· Red, White and Blue smoothie from Daily Dish Recipes


· Grilled hot dogs from Plain Chicken

· Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger from Skinny Taste

· Crisp Sautéed Red Potatoes Recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen

· Watermelon pizza from Choosing Chia

· American Flag fruit kabobs from Amanda’s Cookin’

· Fourth of July Rice Krispies Treats from Lil Luna

· No Bake Strawberry Cloud Cake from Pink When

This list is a start on the countless alcohol-free choices for your family’s Fourth of July. Collaborate with your friends to see what they can come up with too. Break out old cookbooks, or try a recipe you loved as a kid.

Know that you don’t have to have alcohol to have a fun Fourth of July. And remember that your actions can say many things to your teen. Letting them have a drink for fun at a BBQ can be the first sip down a dangerous road.

Keep your kids safe and sober this Independence Day.

Kaitlyn Inman