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10 Ways to have the Best Thanksgiving Ever

10 Ways to have the Best Thanksgiving Ever

Thanksgiving is one the busiest times of year for Americans when it comes to travel. Millions will hit the roads to head home for holidays or visit friends across town.

While it’s a fun time of year, unfortunately, Thanksgiving can also be a dangerous holiday for many travelers.

In fact, according to NHTSA, over the past five years, more people have died in car crashes involving alcohol around the Thanksgiving holiday than any other holiday of the year.

If you’re hitting the road this week, you can make sure you and your loved ones have the best Thanksgiving ever.

Here are 10 ways you can make this Thanksgiving the best yet:

  1. Check your tires before you leave.

Chilly weather is moving in across the country. It’s important to make sure that your tires are ready. Before you hit the road, double check the air pressure in your tires and make sure the tread on each tire isn’t too worn.

  1. Eat lots of turkey.

While there is no quota on the amount of turkey that is consumed over Thanksgiving, it’s vital that each person eats as much as they possibly can. Doing this can prevent the danger of over-stuffed refrigerators on Black Friday.

  1. Look to see if everyone is buckled up.

Before you pull out of the driveway, make sure that everyone in your car is buckled in. According to the CDC, most people who are killed in car crashes weren’t wearing their seatbelt. So, make sure before you’re even down the street that everyone has theirs on.

  1. Get lots of rest.

Whether you like to kick back during the football games or catch all the parades, this is a great holiday for rest. Just make sure you’re prepared for another meal once you’ve come out of your food coma.

  1. If you want to drink at your Thanksgiving meal, make sure to have a plan.

Will your stuffing and mashed potatoes come with a glass of wine? Plan to drink safely and responsibly. Have a conversation with your family before you do. Make sure that kids and teens know why it’s safe for parents to have drinks – and not okay for anyone under the age of 21. Before you take a single sip of alcohol, decide who will drive you and your family home. Remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving.

  1. Avoid that crazy neighbor putting up holiday lights.

You know that person who started putting twinkling lights up the day after Halloween? They still have to wait another month to celebrate.

  1. Be cautious on the road.

Drive extra carefully this week. With so many people on the road, your chances are higher of coming up on unexpected traffic or other issues. Drive the speed limit and watch out for other vehicles.

  1. Eat lots of pie.

As a rule, the calories you eat after Halloween don’t count. Just enjoy the pie!

  1. Avoid late night and distracted driving.

The National Safety Council cites nighttime as the most dangerous time to be out on the roads. This danger not only comes from those who drive drunk but also from drowsiness and lower visibility in the dark. Leave your holiday gathering with plenty of time to make it home before it gets too late.

Likewise, make sure that the only thing you focus on when driving is getting to where you’re going. While the drive down the highway can get boring, keeping your eyes straight ahead can be a life-saving practice for you and everyone around you.

  1. Pass out some hugs.

This week, we get a whole day set aside to think about the things that we’re grateful for. Make sure to wrap those around you in some extra tight hugs this year. After all, while the food is delicious, it’s the people that will keep you full all year long.

Kaitlyn Inman