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3 Things for Your Teen to do After Prom

3 Things for Your Teen to do After Prom

In high school, prom is one of the most important nights of the year. Many teens feel pressure to find the perfect dress and the best date. They must choose where to take pictures, which group to go with and who to sit with. Along with these choices, comes the decision of what your teen is going to do once the dance is over.

For some teens, their plans after-prom is over is their chance to cut loose. While their festivities may not be the ragers some Hollywood movies portray, there are still extremely important decisions that are made when the party is over.

Talking with your teen is the first thing you can do to set them up for success after-prom. Lay out the expectations you have for them, and the consequences.  Your voice is the most important one your teen will hear, make sure they know it is never acceptable to drink alcohol underage. And also remind them that they can call you or a trusted adult if they’re ever uncomfortable in a situation.  

The second way you set your teen up for success is by helping them plan what they’ll do after-prom is over. Ask around your community and find out what events are going on to help teens make safe choices that night, or plan one yourself. We have three post prom plans that you can make with your teen:

  1. Send your teen to after-prom or project prom party

Some high schools offer an after-prom party. These parties are a great way to make sure that your teen is safe once the dance is over. Usually filled with games, snacks and prizes, these after parties are always supervised. Parents and teachers come together to fundraise and throw a safe party for teens to enjoy once the dancing is done.

Oftentimes these parties operate as a lock-in. Teens arrive immediately following prom and aren’t allowed to leave until a designated time early in the morning. This helps to keep teens off the roads late into the evening, and lets them leave later at a safer hour.

These parties are also alcohol-free zones. Teens who try to bring in alcohol are reprimanded by school staff and picked up right away by their parents.

By keeping teens in one location, off the roads and banning alcohol these supervised atmosphere is kept secure. By adding in games, music, karaoke, snacks, and prizes they’re also fun and exciting for your teen and a great way to catch up with friends.

2. Host an after-prom party at your house

If your school doesn’t offer an event, you may want to throw your own after-prom party. Once prom is over, ensure that your teens and their party guests are picked up by you or brought straight to your home. Make sure guests and parents know that alcohol is not allowed and that they also need to stay at your party until a safe time in the morning.

Provide food for your teens and a place to relax and play video games. Grab movies for a movie marathon or have Minute to Win It challenges ready. While teens are in the house, make sure that they’re supervised. Check on them as the night goes on to make sure that everyone is following the rules. It can also be a good idea to check guests for alcohol or other substances when they arrive. That way all party guests can enjoy the evening safely.  Make sure your teen is supervised at any party they attend after-prom.

3. If your school doesn’t offer and after party and you aren’t able to host your own, you can allow your teen to attend a party at a home that you trust.

In this case, it’s a good idea to get in contact with the host parents early.

Double check with them to make sure they will be at the party at all items and involved with guests. Check and see they won’t be allowing teens to come and go, and that there is a strict no alcohol policy.

It can also be a good idea to see what transportation will be used at this party. Ask and see if teens come in a limo, if they’ll be picked up dance or if you need to drop-off your teen. By double checking transportation with these parents, you make sure your teen will be getting there safely.

Prom is a wonderful night that should get to be enjoyed by every student. By making sure that your teen will be safe throughout the evening is a way that you can help make the night a magical and memorable. As a parent, you can set your teen up to make safe choices after-prom is over.

Kaitlyn Inman