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Consequences- Spoken Word

Consequences- Spoken Word

Special thanks to the students at Lutheran High School North and Central High School for being a part of this video project.

These are the best years of our lives.

The nights we’ll never forget.

Learn to lead. Learn to care.

Push yourself. Express yourself. Impress yourself.

Laugh, learn, dance, love. Become.

These are the best years of your life.

Or. . . waste it. Chase it.

Doesn’t matter if you aced it.

 You’re not the kid they thought.

Can they trust you? They think not.

 These are the best years of your life.

 Isn’t it the time to have fun, be dumb, take risks while you still can?

One day you’ll grow up and your world won’t be so small.

You’ll get serious, pay your taxes. No more stupid classes.

But does it work that way?

What if you have to stay?

What if you never get that future dream?

That grown up scene, that good school, good job, nice car, and a dog?

Because it’s happening more and more.

We see your mistakes like never before.

The things you missed out on when trying to fit in.

The team coach says you failed, a rejection in the mail, nowhere to sign, we regret to inform you this time.

Dreams are only dreams until you’ve missed the deadline.

These are the best years of your life?

When you thought being numb was the ultimate destination.

When you missed out on the laughter because you were crying in the bathroom.

Fueled by your decisions, the alcohol you partake in.

When emotions come out raw and your night is all forgotten.

You missed your shot, missed the chance, because you screwed up at the dance.

At the party, took a fall, couldn’t wait to be tall.

To do the things you see on screen that carefree, careless teen.

You didn’t have a thing to lose, but you did.

You say you’re stressed, and it makes you feel good. But I feel good too!

 There is more and more to come, who says you have to be numb to have fun?

These are the best years of your life.

You want to experience what its like to be young, to have fun, but look at what you run from.

See the difference.

See real purpose beyond our fleeting adolescence.

We’ll change the world.

We’ll change the world.

We’ll change the world.

These are the best years of our lives.

Ciera DuBan
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