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Parenting a Teen

You are faced with tough parenting decisions every day. Do I trust my son with the keys to my car for the evening? Do I allow my daughter to go out on a date unsupervised? Have I prepared them with all of the knowledge they need to say ‘no’ to a tough situation? There is no manual to being a parent to a teenager, but Safe and Sober Parents is here to help.


Despite what you may think, your teen is listening to you. They care about your thoughts regarding alcohol and drugs. It is up to you to set an example. Sometimes it can be hard to bring up alcohol or drugs in conversation. The videos and articles on this section are designed to help you tackle some of these tough topics.

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Parenting a Teen
Parenting a Teen

In a recent Today segment titled “Students are Hiding Vaping Devices in Plain Sight,”  members of the Today Show tested…

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